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Montsegur 1244 Boxed Edition

Everything you need to play in one box.

This limited, boxed edition of Montsegur 1244 contains all the material from the original edition of the game as well as the expansion in the same high quality as the Italian edition by Narrattiva.

Montsegur 1244 Boxed Edition

In the box you will find:

  • Gameboard
  • Booklet
  • 16 character cards (including 4 optional characters for extended replayability)
  • 32 scene cards
  • 24 story cards
  • Turn Card
  • Turn Progress Marker

In addition to the rules, the 56 page booklet contains a 20 page essay on the history and legends of Montsegur 1244 by Ezio Melega, and 6 pages of tips for how to get the most out of the game by Claudia Cangini and Luca Veluttini.

Montsegur 1244 Boxed Edition Purchase of the boxed edition also gives exclusive access to online content so you can access the reference material during play from a tablet.

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