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The Tournament

Count Philippe of Flanders has invited for a tournament. The best knight of the tournament does not only win honor and glory but will also have a big impact on the lives of many.

Each of you will play one knight and two secondary characters.

None of the knights meet the knightly ideals. Louis is arrogant and godless. William is married but does not respect his wife. Konrad has broken his vow of fealty. Gaston is a coward on the battlefield.

The story unfolds in Bruges during the week of the tournament. The knights compete in four rounds, first against cabbage and straw, then knight versus knight until only the best knight remains.

Between the jousts, the secondary characters compete to win the favor of the knights.

Each of the secondary characters wants something that only a knight can give them. Count Philippe wants a worthy heir. Eloïse wants experience romantic love. André the Templar wants knights to join the crusade. Blanche wants a knight to defend her lands.

As the losing knights leave the tournament, the story narrows in on a resolution of one or two of the three story arcs.

5-6 players, 5-6 hours. No game master, but one of the players should read the game prior to playing.

The game is a remake of the 2009 Fastaval game ‘Dyst’.

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