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Mars to Stay

Would you give up Earth for good?

Mars to Stay

You dream to go where no human has gone before and do what no human has done before. You pursue an almost impossible dream ó to build humanityís first colony on Mars.

You signed a contract with a private company to go to Mars to stay. As part of the first landing team you carve the outline of a new home. When things go wrong, you and your fellow Martians face existential dilemma. Did you truly give up Earth for good?

In Mars to Stay, you and your friends get the tools to create a compelling story about ingenuity and survival in the face of impossible odds. The game provides characters, rules, and scripted story arcs that empower you and up to 5 friends to flesh out a captivating drama on the Red Planet. You need dice, pens, and a timer to play.

3-6 players. 3-6 hours.

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The 46 page Mars to Stay PDF is great for online play or for print and play. The Mars to Stay coil bound paperback offers an optimal tabletop experience. Both formats include 10 beautiful full colour illustrations by Claudia Cangini that bring Mars to life.

ISBN 978-91-519-8153-6


Mars to stay is an excellent collaborative story game. The manual pushes you in the right direction to lead to complex emotional and moral thought while still leaving you all the room to write the story both for your character and that of the group. As a beginner to story games Iíve had an wonderful, immersive and very different experience every time Iíve played.

--- Miles Tuffs


"The grand questions of life and the universe permeate everything throughout this heart wrenching game about longing for something greater than oneself. Man's struggle with the deadly and enticing planet is central in the extravagant sandbox, where a final choice between the dream of Mars or a life on Earth has to be made."

--- Fastaval Otto Jury

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