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Mars to Stay

A tabletop RPG by Frederik J. Jensen.

Join a team of colonists as a Shepherd, Visionary, Explorer, Specialist, Scientist, or Inventor. All of you are smart, tough, competent, and passionate about Mars.

Travel to Mars to build a new future for humanity.

Face extreme survival challenges and science the shit out of a bad situation.

Hard science fiction. No aliens. No machinery of gods. Just smart humans with a will to survive.

Do you have what it takes to survive on Mars?

One MC, 4 players, 6 hours. Fastaval 2017.

* * *

Nominated for Best Story at Fastaval 2017:

"The grand questions of life and the universe permeate everything throughout this heart wrenching game about longing for something greater than oneself. Man's struggle with the deadly and enticing planet is central in the extravagant sandbox, where a final choice between the dream of Mars or a life on Earth has to be made."
--- Otto Jury 2017

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