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Mars to Stay

A story game about an almost impossible dream.

Mars to Stay

You dream to go where no human has gone before and to do what no human has done before.

You pursue an almost impossible dream to build humanity's first colony on Mars.

You travel to Mars to stay.

You are smart, tough, and competent. You signed up for a 20-year contract with a private company to exploit resources available on Mars. The Mars environment is extremely hostile to human life. The next team arrives in two years. If something goes wrong, help is far away.

3-6 players. 3-6 hours. Excellent for online play.

* * *

The 2021 edition is a remake of the 2017 edition in the style of Montsegur 1244.

* * *

Nominated for Best Story at Fastaval 2017:

"The grand questions of life and the universe permeate everything throughout this heart wrenching game about longing for something greater than oneself. Man's struggle with the deadly and enticing planet is central in the extravagant sandbox, where a final choice between the dream of Mars or a life on Earth has to be made."
--- Otto Jury 2017
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