Thoughtful Games

The Death of Rapacus

A GM-less story game for 4-6 players set in the world of Ars Magica.

You are wizards in a powerful covenant. Your Primus is dead a violent death breaking the Code of Hermes sworn by all of you. One of you killed him. All of you wanted to kill him.

You are ambitious, self-centered and distrustful. You wield powerful magic that can lay waste to an army and a good deal of the countryside. You live together in the covenant for protection against the enemies shared by all wizards angry villagers, demons, and creatures of the night.

You begin the story discussing who should be the new Primus, but soon matters will spiral out of control as hidden agendas and long suppressed hatred surface. Who will be left standing when the purple smoke clears?

The game plays in 3-4 hours.

2016 Thoughtful Games