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05-11-2016: The Death of Rapacus ran successfully at Grand Tribunal UK in August and Viking Con in October. It's a GM less oneshot set in the world of Ars Magica.

I'm now working on a game to premiere at Fastaval 2017 called Mars to Stay about survival in humanity's first colony on Mars.

01-01-2016: In 2015 I had great fun in doing a remake of the Fastaval game 'Dyst' (Joust) - a historical sportsdrama in a medieval jousting tournament. I got to play it four times with different groups and saw great drama and players engaging in the dice mechanic to influence the outcome of each joust.

The game is a GM less story game with dice for 5 or 6 players and is available here: The Tournament.

30-08-2015: This Autumn I will attend Viking Con and Forum:

30-10-2014: Free shipping during November 2014. Surprise a friend with a Montsegur 1244 Boxed Edition for Christmas.

20-09-2014: Convention appearances this fall:

  • Viking Con, Copenhagen, Denmark, 10 Oct - 12 Oct
  • WynterCon, Newbourne, England, 31 Oct - 2 Nov

If you have the chance, drop by and say hello. I will be running Montsegur 1244 at both conventions.

27-05-2014: Montsegur 1244 Boxed Edition is now available for sale in these fine local game stores in Copenhagen and Malmö:



01-05-2014: The Montsegur 1244 Boxed Edition is now shipping.

Place your orders at Thoughtful Games (ships from Europe) or Indie Press Revolution (ships from US). Looking forward to receive your order.

21-04-2014: Ladies and gentlemen:

The English Montsegur 1244 Boxed Edition will be available for sale from May 2014.

Months of preparation have resulted in the production of 200 exclusive English boxed editions. This limited, boxed edition of Montsegur 1244 contains all the material from the original edition of the game as well as the expansion in the same high quality as the Italian edition by Narrattiva.

In addition to the rules, the 56 page booklet contains a 20 page essay on the history and legends of Montsegur 1244 by Ezio Melega. Purchase of the boxed edition also gives exclusive access to online content so you can access the reference material during play e.g. from an iPad.

The games will be offered for sale on a first come first served basis through Indie Press Revolution and

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