Thoughtful Games

Shane the Visionary


The reason we are all here. Inspirational. Thrives on pressure. Leadership. Chemistry.

We all signed up for 20 years of working for the foundation, building the colony. They provide food and lodging and we promise to not run away. Like there is anywhere to run. With a big bonus paid out at the end and who knows what happens then? Maybe become the governor of Mars. Or run for president of the United Colonies.

On your mind

Explore these questions during play.

  • What is your vision for the colony and what are you doing right now to make it happen?
  • Who can talk you out of an idea once you have set your mind to it?
  • What if anything do you miss about Earth?

Someone back on Earth

The previous player in the player order plays your connection back on Earth.

  • Your spouse Kim who will join you with the next mission scheduled to arrive in two years.
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