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Mason the Scientist


Sees what everyone else overlooks. Systematic. Rational in the face of danger. Biology. Medicine.

We all signed up for 20 years of working for the foundation, building the colony. They provide food and lodging and we promise to not run away. Like there is anywhere to run. With a big bonus paid out at the end and who knows what happens then? Maybe buy a large chunk of the planet and build ecospheres for Martian hybrid life forms. Maybe buy a return ticket to Earth just to see Jade again.

On your mind

Explore these questions during play.

  • What are you researching or experimenting with right now?
  • What are people back on Earth thinking about you?
  • Who in the colony do you respect and admire?

Someone back on Earth

The previous player in the player order plays your connection back on Earth.

  • Your grown up child Jade from a marriage gone bad.
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