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Brice the Explorer


Goes where no-one has gone before. Cheerful. Curious. Martian Geology. Colony reporter.

We all signed up for 20 years of working for the foundation, building the colony. They provide food and lodging and we promise to not run away. Like there is anywhere to run. With a big bonus paid out at the end and who knows what happens then? Maybe buy a large chunk of the planet. Exploit those newcomers. Or as a custodian, showing around the schoolkids and telling them of the old Mars. Or buy a ticket to Ceres, Europa or wherever the next colony will be.

On your mind

Explore these questions during play.

  • What are you most excited to be doing on Mars right now?
  • What if anything do you miss about Earth?
  • Whose company in the colony do you enjoy the most?

Someone back on Earth

The previous player in the player order plays your connection back on Earth.

  • Your mentor and sponsor Morgan has relentlessly worked for you to be able to pursue the dream of going to Mars to stay.
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