Thoughtful Games

Alex the Shepherd


Keeps a caring eye on everyone. Turns the ideas of a team into concrete actions and practical plans. Psychology. Leadership.

We all signed up for 20 years of working for the foundation, building the colony. They provide food and lodging and we promise to not run away. Like there is anywhere to run. With a big bonus paid out at the end and who knows what happens then? Maybe become a custodian, showing around the schoolkids and tell them of the old Mars. Or enjoying life with my Martian grandchildren.

On your mind

Explore these questions during play.

  • What is the most important thing for the team to do right now?
  • Who is not doing well and needs your help?
  • What do you miss most about Earth?

Someone back on Earth

The previous player in the player order plays your connection back on Earth.

  • Sasha, a kid with a fucked up crazy past that you connected with and for whom you are a role model.
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